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How to Become a Member

Membership of AARL is voluntary and open to all representatives of the accounting profession – accountants, bookkeepers, internal auditors, tax consultants, members of the academia, etc. But it is mandatory to become a member of AARL in order to obtain Certificate of Professional Accountant issued by AARL.


Currently no regulation of accountants’ professional activity exist in Latvia except for certified auditors. Membership in the AARL or Certificate of Professional Accountant issued by the AARL are not compulsory in order to practise the profession.


However, compliance with requirements of laws and regulations and standards governing accounting in Latvia impose certain requirements on the professional knowledge and skills required for the performance of professional accounting duties. Therefore AARL is implementing a voluntary certification process to highlight the quality and professional skills of accountants.


Physical persons

Any capacitated physical person may enter into the Association of Accountants of the Republic of Latvia, who works in accountacy or related fields, which require knowledge in accountancy, and who is interested in the achievment of AARL objectives.


Application documents


If you wish to become a member of AARL, please fill application documents and send it by e-mail: lrga@lrga.lv. We will contact you!


  • application;
  • AARL Membership Application Form.


AARL Membership Application Form


Membership fees


Membership fees – 100.00 EUR per annum.


AARL assignes 20% discount to AARL members – physical persons on the condition that such physical persons work in the accounting outsourcing firms, which are members of AARL (included in the list of legal persons). By contrast, the accounting outsourcing firms, which are AARL members, have to pay in full their membership fees for the previous periods.


If AARL member – physical person intends to use this discount, AARL should be notified by e-mail lrga@latnet.lv, indicating the name of the accounting outsourcing firm.



Legal persons

Legal entities, partnerships, as well as private individuals, who meet AARL developed and approved criteria for recognition, as well as quality criteria, may enter into the Association of Accountants of the Republic of Latvia:


Nolikums par biedrības “Latvijas Republikas Grāmatvežu asociācija” biedru – juridisku personu uzņemšanas un ierakstīšanas kārtību atzīto grāmatvedības ārpakalpojumu sniedzēju reģistrā.


Application documents


If you wish to become a member of AARL, please fill application documents and send it by e-mail: lrga@lrga.lv. We will contact you!


  • application;
  • AARL Membership Application Form;
  • letter of motivation;
  • copy of the professional certificate of member of the board, procurement person or employee – chief accountant, issued by the member of the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC);
  • copy of registration certificate;
  • copy of professional indemnity insurance certificate.


Admission fees


Admission fees – 140.00 EUR.


Higher educational institutions and schools are exempted from admission fees.


Membership fees


Membership fees – 170.00 EUR per annum.



Membership in AARL opens up the following opportunities:


  • obtain a Certificate of Professional Accountant, whose competence comply with standards of the International Federation of Accountants;
  • participate in seminars, conferences, business meetings and other AARL funded projects;
  • place information on AARL website;
  • participate in the work on improving of the legal framework governing the accounting and financial reporting;
  • professional contacts with the Ministry of Finance and State Revenue Service;
  • mutual cooperation with international organizations in the field of accounting and financial reporting.


What does Certificate of Professional Accountant give to the employer and the client?


Certificate of Professional Accountants certifies:

  • compliance of the professional with the requirements of professional competence;
  • capability of the professional to organize, administrate financial and management accountancy and to control financial activities;
  • readiness of the professional to advise interested persons on financial and administrative accountancy issues;
  • readiness of the professional to comply with professional accountant’s ethical rules.


Thus Certificate of Professional Accountant guarantees a high quality of services provided, that is, ensures the protection of the interests of the employer regarding quality of services provided by a member of professional body.


Each member and certified professional accountant of AARL is obliged to comply with the requirements of the IESBA Code of Ethics for Professional Accountants.


Requirements for obtaining a Certificate of Professional Accountant:


1. Qualification requirements: university education, including:

scientific bachelor’s degree, master, doctor’s degree, or second level higher professional education.


2. Work experience:

for the period of three years the applicant has to have worked as chief accountant or for the period of five years as accountant, or for five years in another top-level position related to economics and requiring knowledge in accountancy.


3. The applicant has passed the following qualification exams:

  • Financial accounting;
  • Management accounting;
  • Tax system of the Republic of Latvia;
  • Commercial Law.


4. The applicant cannot be a person:

  • who is convicted for intentional offence or for malicious bankruptcy;
  • who is convinced for intentional offence even if this person is dismissed from punishment because of negative prescription, pardon, amnesty;
  • whose criminal case for intentional offence is dismissed because of negative prescription or amnesty.



For more information about certification of accountants, please visit section Certification.